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Techno1000 is Jürgen Laarmanns Podcast straight from Berlin Mitte.
In the late 80ies and early 90ies he was co-founder of Frontpage magazine, Germany´s first magazine for electronic music. 
He was member of the Love Parade team and co-founder of the event Mayday - "the mother of all raves".
In the 90ies he developped a theory called "The Raving Society": his idea was that the values of the dance  scene like love, peace, unity, togetherness, the freedom of expression and speech should have an impact of the civil society. Now 30 y after the techno movement started he talkes again to the pioneers of the Frontpage age, the key players of the techno movement, the DJs and the artists who moved a  whole generation and the main persons behind the scenes. Brilliant entertainment for those who want to know more about techno - the movement and the music!

by Jürgen Laarmann


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